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the Fortress of the Bulgarian Kings
   We walk into into Tsarevets - the fortress of the Bulgarian kings - through the central western entrance, protected by several consecutive gates. We pass through the third, the most impressive gate, fully restored and find ourselves inside the majestic castle itself. Before us are the outlines of a small residential area consisting of several medieval houses. We continue our walk and after a while our eyes stopped on a tall antique column with a beautiful capital, probably used in the construction of one of the many churches built on the hill. On the left is located the restored in 1976 tower, once guarded the third entrance of the fortress, called the Small or Assen gate. On both sides of the main street are situated detected and recovered numerous foundations of medieval buildings, of several churches and monasteries in which it was seething impetuous spiritual life in the Middle Ages. The street takes us to Calvary rock - the place for the executions of prisoners sentenced to death. Nearby is the famous Baldwin Tower.
   At night the unique audio-visual show "Sound and Light" depicts tangibly the history of the castle.
   Video of Tsarevets and of a part of Veliko Tarnovo.   
   One of the most attractive and visited museums in the old capital Veliko Tarnovo is the stronghold Tsarevets. The restored fortress walls and towers, the ruins of the royal palace, the patriarchal church remind us of that glorious time when here was situated the political, economic, religious and cultural center of the medieval Bulgarian state.
    Have a stroll around our glorious, heroic past.

Pictures of Tsarevets
     Views from Tsarevets  

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