For Sale: Huge House in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
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Huge House For sale in Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria
House For Sale in Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria with Unique Views of Tsarevets. Price: 150000 Euro

There is a House For Sale in Veliko Turnovo with Unique Views of Tsarevets, Price: 150000 Euro. The house was built in aristocratic (Boyar) style inherent in the old capital on Bulgaria. The proposed property has a very good investment perspective (it is possible to be converted into a family hotel or apartments rental).
The house is situated only 150 meters from the main tourist route (Samovodska charshia) and is located frontally against of the fortress Tsarevets. From each room can be observed the unique show "Sound and Light." It would be difficult to find more suitable location binding in one business, tourism and housing.
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House for sale in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. Facing the main road - 9,60 m. Consists of two floors:
I floor - 3.80 meters high - an office with separate entrance, a tavern, large room, WC, Bathroom, cellar. Total area - 82.4 sq.m.
II floor - 3.10 meters high - 3 rooms + kitchen, 2 WC, bathroom. Total Area II floor – 104 sq.m.
Total Living Area - 186.4 sq.m. Ceiling, 210 cm high at its highest part. The yard has access from the second floor - 26 sq.m. The garden ends with 5 m high stone wall beyond which there is an empty, not built up space - about 35 sq.m. Total size of both plots - 183 sq.m.
The house is Renovated.

There is possibility to be built 2 additional floors, and also the ceiling can be used due to a serious displacement without prejudice to the visibility of the houses behind. From the level of the ceiling it can be seen the incredible view of Arbanassi. The house is not an architectural monument and building rectifications are permitted. Possible built-up area + 260 square meters. Total - 446 sq.m. It offers an ideal opportunity for creating a family hotel with capacity of 8 -10 rooms.

  Video of Veliko Tarnovo and Tsarevets.   

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the entrance of Veliko Tarnovo, in the direction of Russe (Bucharest).
Varusha district, the oldest and most aristocratic part of the town part of the town
Exactly opposite the Tsarevets fortress, 5 min walk
Unique view to the show audio-visual "Sound and Light".
150 meters far from the Samovodska charshia – a main tourist route (traditional crafts).
10 min walk to the top center of Veliko Tarnovo.
3 km from Arbanasi – an ethnographic, historical and architectural reserve (Revival houses).
7 km from Gorna Oryahovitsa, a railway junction.

Welcome to Veliko Tarnovo (sometimes transliterated as Veliko Turnovo or Veliko Tyrnovo) - the ancient capital of Bulgaria. Wandering along the narrow streets in the old city, we can enjoy the odd perched on each other houses, small shops in the old Samovodska charshia, the revival houses on Gurko street. We offer you a unique opportunity to become a part of all this. 

  During the Second Bulgarian Kingdom, Veliko Turnovo with its unique fortress Tsarevets was the spiritual and cultural center of Bulgaria. Surrounded by the three hills - Trapezitsa, Sveta gora and Tsarevets, Veliko Tarnovo combines history, present and future together. The unique spectacle "Sound and Light" captures all this with music and lights.
   We offer you a view to all these attractions.

Pictures of Veliko Tarnovo

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