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Description of a House Near Tsarevets in Veliko Tarnovo
   The house is east – west exposure, the view of Tsarevets is to the east and the sunrises, which are observed are just behind the fortress.
   The first floor consists of massive stone walls, wide between 50 and 120 cm, depending on their location and interior brick walls.
   The second floor is built of brick which wall width is about 30 cm (double row of single bricks). The house was renovated at the front, there is outside insulation of 5 cm polystyrene + plaster.
   Some of the rooms and the office have internal isolation - of 2 cm polystyrene. Thus is ensured a double thermal protection. The window woodwork was replaced partially with 5 chamber PVC. Water supply network is fully replaced in one of the halves and the electrical wiring was replaced with a new one anywhere. The flooring on the second floor are covering and parquet, and on the first floor - cement in the hallway and the tavern and flooring in the gallery.
   There are winding staircases from the first to the second floor which are located at the bottom of the corridor and they could be modified.   
  The office has a separate entrance at the street level. It is officially registered as an office and act as such by 2.5 years. There are external and internal insulation, landline phone and Internet connection (wired and WI-FI), as well as a radio-input. The electrical wiring and the water supply network are fully replaced; there is a sink in Greek style. There is an opportunity for placement of 4 work seats or for construction of a reception. The office is connected to the rest of the building through an internal door leading to the main corridor.

For sale: a semidetached house with a common entrance and hallway in the middle. Facing the main road - 9,60 m. Consists of two floors:
I floor - 3.80 meters high - an office with separate entrance, a tavern, gallery, WC, cellar. Total area -
82.4 sq.m.
II floor - 3.10 meters high - 3 rooms + kitchen, 2 WC, bathroom. Total Area II floor – 104 sq.m.
Total - 186.4 sq.m. Ceiling, 210 cm high at its highest part. The yard has access from the second floor - 26 sq.m. The garden ends with 5 m high stone wall beyond which there is an empty, not built up space - about 35 sq.m. Total size of both plots - 183 sq.m.

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